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The Dewsbury Feeding and Swallowing Screen

Screening Tool and Training Package for Feeding and Swallowing Problems in Adult Clients (dysphagia)


The Dewsbury Feeding and Swallowing Screen was developed in 2002 as an initial assessment of a patient's capabilities and safety with both food and drink and has been in use at Dewsbury and District Hospital since 2003. Over the last six years, nurses, carrying out thousands of this observational screen, have successfully identified the presence of feeding and swallowing problems in patients with a variety of different diagnoses. This early identification has then led to prompt and accurate referrals to Speech and Language Therapy for a more detailed assessment.

Nursing staff have reported that it is quick and easy to administer, it has increased their awareness and confidence in dealing with this disorder and amongst many other advantages, there has been a big reduction of patients being kept needlessly Nil by Mouth.

The screen can be used in hospitals and a number of community settings including nursing and residential homes. Its simplicity and flexibility mean it can be used not only by nursing staff for whom it was originally devised but also a variety of other professionals in a range of locations.

The Screen:

The Dewsbury Feeding and Swallowing Screen contains:

  • A main manual outlining causes and risk factors associated with dysphagia, a background of the development of the screening tool, a description of each test item and details on how to administer it
  • A DVD showing a variety of normal and abnormal swallows
  • A further manual outlining details about the DVD and 12 completed screening forms of the swallows depicted on the DVD
  • A pack of blank screening forms

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